ONYX Wellness Boutique offers Ayurveda Products and Supplements including: Hemp Products, CBD Products, Essential Oils and Supplements.

Connie Roberts, Owner

Our founder. Connie Roberts is a 5th generation TEXAN born and raised in El Paso where she raised 3 sons as a single parent working in middle management in the corporate world while engaging in her community thru various organizations and volunteer services. 

In 1998, Ms. Roberts began her political career successfully holding offices  both elected and by gubernatorial appointment.

In December of 2004, Ms. Roberts and her sons moved into the Austin area where she focused on helping to develop The OneStar Foundation.

In 2009 Ms. Roberts started a small construction company specializing in the building of custom homes, large residential remodels and small commercial buildings.

Her journey in life has led us all to the research, development and public education for the cannabis plant, which today consists of the legalization of hemp and it’s benefits to mammals and the community. 
Currently known as: ONYX Group Enterprises LLC dba ONYX Wellness Boutique 

Our Successful Journey

Journey Comoing Soon


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